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Dog Profile: Bert at Bampton Shop & Tea Room



Name: Bert

Title: Head of Security at Bampton Shop & Tea Room

Breed: Jack Russell (Mostly. Probably.)

Age: 7-ish

Home: Bampton Shop & Tea Room, near Haweswater

Preferred treats: Cows ears and beer

Special trick: Losing balls while chasing bunnies (mostly imagined ones)

Favourite people: My mum and dad, obviously, because they rescued me when I was a puppy. I used to be frightened of everything, but they've taught me that the world's actually a fun, exciting place and people are mostly very nice. (Small children are still a bit freaky though...)

What I love the most: Chasing bunnies (real or imagined)

What I do all day: My job as Head of Security and Chief Meeter and Greeter at the tea room keeps me very busy, and it can get very tiring having to be admired, fussed and stroked all day. So when I’m not doing that (or doing a bit of cleaning crumbs up off the floor after people have left, just to help my mum and dad out), I like to have a snooze, when I can dream about chasing bunnies.

Why I love my home: I get to meet lots of friendly new people who come to visit every day. Also, I can go for lovely walks right from the doorstep – for instance, on to The Howes (where there are lots of bunnies to chase) or along the river, where I can go for a nice swim in summer. Or it’s a very short hop in the car to some other great places, like Haweswater, where we can go walking, exploring, and, of course, looking for bunnies.