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Dog Profile: Flo at Broadoaks Country House



Name: Flo

Breed: Cavapoo

Age: 2, going on 0.5

Home: Broadoaks Country House

Preferred treats: Wooffy Puff & Cherry Barkwell (all our 4-legged visitors get these on arrival)

Special trick: If you're a really good human to me, and maybe offer a treat, I can hop on my two back legs whilst sticking my tongue out. **Disclaimer** Belly rub expected afterwards.

Favourite person: It would be very difficult to narrow it down to just one because I’m surrounded by such a lovely bunch here at Broadoaks. But if you’re forcing me it would have to be Sharon our head chef. No further explanation needed!

What I love the most: Living here at Broadoaks because we get such a variety of 4-legged visitors and I just love to meet new friends and share our exclusive doggy walking field with them. We have so much fun sniffing around. They all tell me that the view across Lake Windermere is their favourite. I love to entertain my guests.

What I do all day: Honestly it’s none stop! If I’m not preparing the walking field I’m helping my owners get the doggie treats ready for arrivals. Then there’s 4-paw menus to be printed and put in their rooms. It leaves little time for cuddles and belly rubs.

Why I love my home: The beautifully landscaped gardens and majestic woodlands to explore.

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