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Dog Profile: Bailey at Rothay Manor Hotel



Name: Bailey

Breed: Springer Spaniel

Age: 9 going on 2!

Home: Rothay Manor Hotel, Ambleside

Preferred treats: I love Dentastix!

Special trick: I don't really do tricks, life's too short, and I'm so busy chasing and finding that I don't have time to learn new tricks!

Favourite person: I just like anyone who will throw me a ball, or a stick, or a cone, or a toy, anything that can be thrown really! In the evenings I like nothing better than spending time with my owners.

Favourite place: I love Tarn Hows, it's generally sheep free, so I'm allowed to run off the lead, and my owners always take me there and throw me a ball. I also love going to Lily Tarn, it's a great little tarn to swim in (I enjoy jumping in from the bank)!

What I love the most: Swimming, especially in the mountain tarns on a hot day!

What I do all day: I am the main proprietor of Rothay Manor Hotel, so I need to make sure that I greet people and am nice to people when they come to reception. Other than that I spend my time sleeping (dreaming of chasing bunnies), chasing balls, swimming and going on nice long runs in the fells with my owners.

Why I love my home: There's so much to see and do - there are so many hills to run in, lakes to swim in, beaches to run on, and all of the places that I get taken to are really dog friendly - I enjoy laying by the fire in the local pub (The Golden Rule), where I normally get given a treat or two, and get to make new friends.