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Name: Misty

Breed: German Shepherd

Title: Chief walk tester

Age: 7, going on 6 months

Home: West Cumbria

Preferred treats: Chicken wings, other people’s sausage rolls, sheep/cow poo

Special trick: Helping mum walk faster than she ever thought possible

Favourite person: Definitely mum and dad, they got me as a pup and have given me the best life, lots of cuddles, belly rubs, fabulous walks and now a new crazy sister to play with :)

What I love the most: Eating seaweed, jumping on imagined things in the grass

What I do all day: As chief walk tester I have been very busy taking mum to all these exciting places here in the Lakes so that she can write her books. We used to get very disappointed on walks because I'd go to pieces and start crying whenever we came across a stile. Not a problem now though - we have found the best stile free walks to do with the most fab views! And the water, well, there’s no stopping me there! Straight in! I love gazing at the waterfalls and taking in the views. And I like to help people finish their food, especially if it’s a sausage roll - if it’s at the right height I can walk by someone and take it softly from them without missing a beat. Mum tries not to let me do that though, (I have to wait til she’s not looking), so I make up for it by running through streams and jumping on imagined stuff in the grass. After that it’s home to a nice meal and a long schnooze until it’s time for tea!

Why I love my home: There’s just so much exciting stuff here, there’s everything from the beaches to lakes, rivers, waterfalls, forests and places to explore, new dogs and their humans to meet (I especially like the humans who give me treats!). And you never know what things you might find to jump on in the undergrowth!

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